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March 16, 2011


Pat Sacher

Thank you for featuring Brett Ryan Stewart's song Sunshine from his newest album Tilt. He is notches above the normal talent of independent songwriters and performers. His Necessary Lies album was outstanding and Tilt is a testament to the uncanny ability he has to draw the listener into his world. It is great to have the chance to listen to the real thing and not the commercial fluff that is out there.

David Couts

I think Brett Ryan Stewart is an awesome songwriter and I hope his music reaches the masses far and wide and brings him success. I have an earlier CD of his and play it in my truck all the time and never really grow tired of it and I am sure Tilt will turn out to be that kind of CD for me as well. I just love his lyrics and melodies and how he tells a story and connects with the listener in a way that I find rare. Good job Brett!!


Hey guy's, your show is the perfect format to introduce BMS. Along with his co-writer Chris Tench, their listener friendly lyrics and melody really does send a great musical message to the audience. Thanks for having them on and I hope you feature BMS another time soon.

Danny Samenchik

Hi Steve.. I think he sounds great. The formula seems to be working for him. Would like to hear more. Maybe on a tour of some kind ? Bet he'd do well in the real market... nudge nudge, wink wink. Thanks for having him on.

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