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February 01, 2011


Kelly Pettit


I love all your interviews. I thought this one with Dave Stewart was great but a tough one for you. Here is a man with enough history to last 24 hours of interviewing and then some. I warmed up to him near the end. The first 20 minutes I thought he was a little strange but maybe that's what makes great music? I could tell this was a time where your interview skills need not be present. You just let him go and what a great idea. By the end I wanted to hear more of his crazy stories.

Thanks for doing what you do. Love your show! the amount of effort you put into making it "A+" is obvious.

Looking forward to the next one!

Kelly Pettit

David Hooper

Thank you.

Yeah, he was great. Has been working on a documentary film about the album, so came with a film crew and some of that footage from the pre-interview we did will probably be in it, so watch for that if you want to hear more from him.

I liked how he was open about everything. It certainly made the editing job easier, I'm sure, since we'll often get similar stories and people will then say, "Hey, can you edit that out?" But, to balance that out, he said a lot of words we can't legally broadcast, so Justin really had his work cut out for him in that way.

We thought we had more time than we did, so I didn't get to a lot of the Eurythmics or Traveling Wilburys stuff like I wanted to. He also shared some photos of a new "supergroup" he is currently recording with, that I'm sure you'll hear about soon. BIG names. We were blown away.

Hopefully will be able to get him back in for "Part 2" soon.

Thanks for listening!!

Kelly Pettit

Wow, exciting stuff. Looking forward to learning more about that.

Yeah, I'm sure the editing is the tough part! I bet an hour interview must just fly by. If the guest is having a good time, couldn't you do a longer show? Something especially for the podcast? Or, split it into two shows? I'm sure you have your reasons but food for thought.

Ciao for now.

Kelly Pettit

David Hooper

We are looking at doing some extended, podcast-only elements to the show. Maybe something that gets a little more into the "business" aspect of things that our hardcode, musician audience would really be into, but would be over the heads of the general listeners. Looking at options for that now.

Have talked about bringing in cameras and broadcasting the taping online, as we're doing it. This would enable people to send it questions for the guests. You'd be able to hear the f-bombs, when I mess up an intro, when I forget who I'm talking to, and other general hilarity. ;)

Will keep you posted!


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