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December 06, 2010


Kelly Pettit


I have religiously listened to all your shows for over several years it seems. I wait for all of them impatiently. You are one of the best interviewers out there and all the research you do before the guest arrives shows through. It all seems effortless although your show notes show otherwise. Thanks a million for bringing these out. I really appreciate the effort and the free knowledge I'm getting.

Also, a huge thank you for pulling my CD out of what is probably a garage full of music. So thrilled the both of you liked the song. Change your address because the newest CD is now in the mail!! ha-ha

Keep up the great work.


Kelly Pettit (living in Japan)

David Hooper

Thank you!

We've actually had your stuff on the list a few times, but it was always at the end, so we never got to it due to timing.

Will be looking for the other package and hopefully get to it sooner than this one. One of the things we have in the works is an "all demo derby" version of the show, so when that starts up, we'll be able to handle a lot more stuff.

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