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February 18, 2010


Hip Hop fan in the south

Great interview. But this J-Praize really bothers me. He was too afraid to criticize the music during the Demo Derby. That was some of the worst 'rap music' I've ever heard. What the hell? Then he disrespects the city of Atlanta(maybe what he's said is true) by saying he can hear this 'music,' played down here. He is the problem with this music business. Blaming the industry for no artist development, but then turning around and saying yeah that's cool I could hear that in the club to garbage rappers makes me sick man. Then turn around and say he wants timeless music? WTF?!?! He's very hypocritical in this interview.

David Hooper

Thank you for the comments!

Some things which I hope will put this interview into perspective...

J relocated to Atlanta and has to live/work there, so I'm sure he didn't mean to talk bad about the city. The comment you are referring to was, from what I could tell, was a general reference to the style of music heard in clubs there.

As far as specific comments on the demos we receive, please know that the show is heavily edited due to timing issues. We always review more demos than make the final cut and the reviews are usually a lot longer and more in depth. Sometimes things get cut in the edit...

Not saying this was the case here, but it's possible. When we do edit, realizing that what we're reviewing is very serious to the artists that have sent things in, we usually keep the good and throw out the bad, because want to be encouraging to people.

With that said, it doesn't always come off perfectly. :)

We are working on an "all demo review" podcast, which will have the full version of every demo critique. Will keep you posted on that.

Thanks again for your comments!!

Hip Hop fan in the south

Ok I will make note of your post. But I he still said what he said. No one serious about the art of emceeing or Hip-Hop would give Praize to such awful music. That stuff was horrible. But sorry for the rant thanks for your reply and clarification.


One subject I hoped would be touched upon more is, what is the process of selling beats and melodies in hip hop? Is it considered publishing even though you are not selling a completely written song? You may just have a very short melody that an artist would be interested in purchasing, looping, and turning into a song. What is that process?

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