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September 24, 2009




Thanks for a great show. The topics are all new to me as I have begun my journey into music rather mid-life, I'm 35yrs. So, I'm soaking all the info up and appreciate the new frontier that you are supporting. I attended a music seminar earlier in the year up north here, and learned all about licensing. I'm not at a point where I have songs yet, but am starting to record my newbie musical ideas and organize them. It's very informative to hear from the guys/gals who have been in the biz, as they have such a wealth of info. Who knew that opening for The Counting Crows in arenas was worth $500 a night. That sum could financially be quite minuscule to some, or quite rewarding. Either way, the transparency helps. It's great to hear how they talk about regionalism breaking down, too.

Thanks again,

Jamie Wilmott
Vancouver, Canada

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