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June 08, 2009


tessa howitt

Oh i should leave some information about what i can do I cant play any insterments but i would like to get lessons for the piano a guitar soon my big talent is singing im very passionet about it im not afraid be infront of croweds when i lived in wyoming i did this talent show call stars of tommoro for two years in a row i won first place singing i can only imagin and the next year i won second singing gods will by martina mcbride iv did the talant show every year of middle school i won 1st in 7th grade and 2nd in 8th and this year im planning on doing the highschool talent show i dont know wat song yet but i know ill praise god with it if you would try to contact me in anyway i would be so so greatful to you i have a facebook im the only tessa howitt so i shouldnt be hard to find

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