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February 23, 2009


sonya pettit

Hello Mr.Chapman,
My name is Sonya Pettit I'm trying to get my daughter Madison Paige music myspace link to you.She is 17 add has a love for singing.She sings local in as many things as we can get her in.Mr.Chapman we recently took her to Nashville to work with Dave Brooks at the Brett Manning studio he was very helpful.Madison's music myspace is myspace.com/madisonpaigepettit if you have a moment to listen we would greatly appreciate your opinion on her songs.



Hi :) I'm darby wood,I'm 15. I saw a link that got me to this page. So, you see... I'm a songwriter, and I play guitar, and I sing, and its all I've ever wanted to do. If you would contact me.. you'd be like.. my best friend :)ever.
I have a few demos, and I'd love for you to listen to them! please please look me up on facebook :) something tells me you'd be the biggest help EVER!
( my name on face book is Darby Elizabeth Wood)

David Hooper

Darby - Send us a demo and we'll review it on the air.

Here is the address to send a CD to:

Tuned In Broadcasting, Inc.
ATTN: Music Business Radio
1310 Clinton St. Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37203


tessa howitt

hello mr. chapman my name is tessa howitt im 14 and I live in north platte nebraska and i go to church in maxwell nebraska i got to watch you father preform today and he was great i love his sound and his songs i talked to him and told him about my dream to become a country music singer its all iv ever wanted to be and all he said to me was make it happen and i really want to make it happen but i cant do it on my own i keep prayin and askin god for a chance to make it happen and when he wants to i think hell answer that prayr your father told me about you and how you produce taylor swift and i though that was really cool i love her but the kind of country i wanna sing is the kind i love like george strait and lee ann womack and the artist whos been my inspiratinon since i was three martina mcbride i want to praise god with my music well i really hope that you read this god bless ya

erica jernigan

Hi. My name is Erica Jernigan i live in SC i wish i had the money to travel to nashville and make my dream come true. I'm 23 i have wanted to sing country more or less pop country since i was 8. I have been through Milli Lewis Models and Talent Agentcy and went to rollings middle school of the arts. i just wish someone could not give me a shot but just listen to what i can to do and decide if i am worth the risk. i am just asking for a moment not a contract. i would be forever greatful. i love to write working on a song now its called my song come true. with the right music i KNOW that my song come true could be my dream come true. will you be the one that takes a chance on me. please look me up on facebook or email me. i hope to hear from you if you do read this think you for your time.


email me please or give me an email to send my music to. i promise you will not be dissapointed jordyne_xoxo@hotmail.com

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