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October 23, 2007


John Restasjj

Hello It,s John Restas from Canada
Just wondering whjere i can hear the show
From Music bUISNESS RADIO oCT 23 2007

Tony Kinsel

Mr. Rusty Harmon:
I am going to be starting an on-line radio show in June on "HossTheBoss.com" in Corpus Christi. On this website, we need written authorization from the artists or their manager before we can play their music.
Currently, there are no local country stations playing Reckless Kelly here. In fact, I used to be a DJ at KFTX-FM here and saw the station manager throw away a cd he'd gotten in the mail. I checked it out and it was "Millican" with an autograph on the front saying "KFTX, we'd appreciate a spin". Unfortunately, even though I liked what I heard, I was told I'd be fired if I played anything off their cd.
Eventually, I was fired anyway, for playing a Robert Earl Keen song that had been requested by one of my listeners.
Now, I would like to get your permission to play RK's music on this free internet site. We could even set up a link on our website to yours, so it would be a win-win situation for both of us. I would get to play your music without guilt, and I would tell the fans about your site, so maybe you can sell some merchandise as well.
If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please send an e-mail to "Hoss@HossTheBoss.com" in Corpus Christi. He should get right back to you with the form you'd need to sign, if the e-mail is not sufficient.
Thank You For Your Time,
Tony Kinsel

Kenny Woods

Hi this is Singer/Songwriter Kenny Woods. It says my demo was reviewed, but I didn't hear it in the broadcast?

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