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February 19, 2007


mike thompson

Guys, I LOVE your show. I listen to you show every week and if I have heard it once already that week I will listen to it again because I must say I learn a lot from your shows. I'm not trying to kiss ass or anything. I just want to simply say I enjoy receiving your podcasts each week. This show in particular, with Pinky Gonzales was awesome. I’m 17 and I’m in a Ska band (yes a little different I know) so I Know what it's like to try and build a scene form nothing. I live in this hardcore mayhem of Western Massachusetts and I must say, when I come out of a local show my head usually hurts. So to get away from it all I head down to Hartford CT with my Ska band. But most of our local fans prefer not to drive a hour to go see us play for 30 minutes. But my point is you inspired me to try and break the sound barrier of distortion and screaming with the clean guitar and some clean nice vocals. Oh ya, and how can you forget the horns. But Dave... love the show. Think you got a real good thing going. Pinky... your the man. I like the radio personality. It really kept me intent on hearing what you had to say, on top of the valuable info. But Dave once again you run one hell of a show. As do the rest of you behind the scenes, Justin, Gary, Amanda, and the awesome news broadcaster, Laurel.

You will definitely be hearing more from me. Mike Thompson.
Aspiring musical renascence man/boy. Ya……
Thanks for the shows.

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