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November 16, 2006


Jay Moonah from the Online Music Marketing podcast


Love the segment and loved Julie's report! I posted it on the Online Music Marketing blog. One little tip from me if I might be so bold... Julie, I couldn't find email or other contact info ANYWHERE on iwantmorefans.com or musicbizwebsitepro.com! You should have something for when I want to hire you for a big contract. ;-)

Keep up the great work folks!

Julie Blake


Thanks for the excellent feedback! I will add my contact info immediately to the "about us" page at www.IWantMoreFans.com.

To find my contact info on www.MusicBizWebsitePro.com my contact info is available is 3 links.
Under the "Welcome" click on "click here for more info"
and under "Trade In Offer"
and also under "Free 10 Day Trial, click here to schedule your coaching session"

I can also post the contact info directly on the main page.

Thank you!

Julie Blake

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