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June 22, 2006



I don't have many heroes, but David Z has always held my profound admiration. From Gram Parsons through obscure oddities like Storyville and Chris Duarte's Tailspin Headwhack(?), my favorite recordings always end up reading: "Produced by David Z" except in a few instances when John Porter sneaks in there and surprises me. And now, there's Ana Popovic... Produced by both Z AND Porter. I am so green with envy!! Unfortunately, I don't come close to sharing her talent...not even a fraction, but I bet Z could've even made that off key crow-like demo I sent a few years ago sound stellar. By the way, thanks so much for choosing not to immortalize it as a joke on this radio show. Hopefully, it's been recycled as a crack pipe or something equally euphoric by now.

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